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The Unknowing


In the morning of our day
a mist enshrouds our passage
our vision of time to come is lost in
in the fog that clouds our minds

In the heat of our day we often see too far
and in seeing can not bear
the knowing or the being known
so cast aside
that which reminds us of
our failures
looking for those who
will happily
feed our narcissism

In the dusk of our day
we are consumed
the long looking back
on what we lost,
and still wish for
and so we yearn
for the mist of the morning
to ease our pain,
of our shame
and let us slide silently over the still waters
towards the horizon of our lives

In the night of our day
we wonder at the stars.

©David Cale

Taken somewhere near the Blue Ridge Parkway as looked for a Motel having been soaked by a day of rain on a motorcycle trip.

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