The Poetry of the Image - imagesofthejourney-com


In the dark
where edge and being meet
float visions
past lives or neuron dreams

illusions of who we were
or are

Here at perception's nervous end
images, stars and grids on
blind night eyes,
with eyelids closed
but revealing a mad thrashing of eyes

Sotto voce, heard by no ear
comes the calling of ourselves
by ourselves and sometimes seductive
voices of phantom lovers
who were or longed to be

we being the fall out of sleep
and when we turn to look
are surprised,
to find the longing
we always thought
would be fulfilled beckoning
us back

We sense the electric breeze on our skin
the arc of static fire
the smell, the taste
found only
in the darkest yearnings of the night

becoming surreal
in the amnesia of waking
and the tears of reality.

©David Cale

Taken near Shelborn Ontario. In memory of the wife who divorced me and who I still love.