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On The Acropolis Athens Greece

I am passionate about wandering, wondering, and story telling, and have for past 13 years or so been gifted with the opportunity to spend time in some of the most interesting, exotic and beautiful places in our world. I have journeyed around the world, through more than thirty countries in pursuit of stories and photographs that bring the wonder of our natural world and its inhabitants to my clients. I have had opportunity to meet many many wonderful people many I now count as good friends. I have had experiences that have inspired me, left me in wonder and awe, infuriated me, revealed my frail humanity and taught me to laugh at my preconceived notions of the "way thing should be." Years ago an inspired writing teacher, gave me a gift of words. They were the wise words about travel and its inevitable disasters. She taught me the mantra "Bad for the trip, Good for the story" Those words have saved my sanity, enabled me to keep my cool, or at least a semblance of it, many, many times. Thank you Marni Jackson. Buy her books read her articles they are wonderful. I hope you will find in the hundreds of images I have selected from the tens of thousands I have taken some of the beauty, wonder and yes oddness that I have had the privilege to experience in my travels. I am certain you will find that by purchasing images to decorate your home or office they will enhance your space with that beauty and wonder.

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