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Sailing The Tectonic Seas

It might take a few million years to get anywhere but you can imagine what this amazing mountain has "seen" in its time...

Mont Aiguille (el. 2085 m./6842 ft.) is a mountain in the massif du Vercors in the French Prealps, located 58 km (36 mi) south of Grenoble. The mountain is most noted for its first ascent in 1492. Charles VIII ordered that the peak be climbed, so one of his servants, Antoine de Ville, made the ascent using a combination of ladders and other artificial aids. This makes it particularly important to climbers and is now climbed many times each year.


The mountain rears magnificent
like a titanic ship’s prow
it cuts through countless dawns
sun warmed or storm wracked
mute testimony
to the tectonic brooding
of the planet below our feet

I am tempted to feel small

But a mountain is just a mountain
not a comment on me