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I am a photographer who loves travel. It is my mission to bring to you, my client, images full of light, color and wonder.
Professionals who consciously craft the message of their office and homes, incorporate unique images to enhance the ambiance of the rooms. They generally use unique images that emphasize the atmosphere they want their clients to experience, often on a subliminal level.

In this way they distinguish themselves from their competitors
whose office walls display cliché and often faded prints of no interest to their clients.

On this website, you will find unique images from many of the worlds most interesting places. Each of the many images is a wordless story, from which, both you and your clients may find in your choice, inspiration.

I like to think that these images found me, rather that than the other way around. In each case, as I traveled,

I was captivated, often amazed and inspired by the wonderful landscapes, and people who simply appeared before my camera. In the end, all I had to do was press my shutter release.

I expect that as you look through the galleries you will find images that affect you in a way unique to yourself, and your clients. It is my hope that all who see these will feel something similar to my experience of wonder that abounds, in this amazing, beautiful, contradictory, and sometimes crazy world.

It is your experience here that really matters though. These images display everything from wild natural beauty, to ancient and modern
architectural glory. They contain part of the human story, and more.

I expect you will be able to find images here that will enable you to uniquely enhance your environment as part of the process of building your own "personal brand."

Your choice of art, in this case photography, and its presentation can powerfully affect both yourself and those that enter your carefully designed space.

The art that you resonate with, and surround yourself with, speaks of you, without the need for you to say anything.

Doctors I have worked with have chosen a serene mountain vistas, or misty dawn in order to bring a calm hopeful atmosphere to a crowded restive waiting or examining room.

Lawyers or other professionals, and executives in positions of responsibility may choose a bold theme of a wilder side of nature.

Their choice subtly or boldly communicates, even before words are spoken, a positive impression of you, to clients, acquaintances and friends.

David Cale
(416) 890 0740